Cover with Dermablend Cover Creme

Select the Cover Creme shade closest to your skin tone by matching your jaw bone. Apply to the palm of your hand and using a circular motion warm and soften with fingertips; then apply to mosturized skin in a dab-pat motion. Also available in a compact for those who prefer sponge application.



Set with Dermablend Setting Powder


Pat on Setting Powder generously to the entire area you have covered using the supplied powder puff. Make sure you cover the entire area! Allow powder to dry 2-3 minutes, then lightly brush off excess. The setting powder will ensure the smudge-resistance, water-resistance and 16-hour long lasting wearability of Dermablend products.




 Remove with Dermablend Remover


Pour a small amount of quick dissolving Remover into hands.
Lightly massage onto skin using a circular motion.
Remove with a damp washcloth.