Orders for shoes must be received by 2pm Eastern Time.  Orders for contour must be received by 10am Eastern Time.

Shoes include all styles of footwear including boots as long as they are not from the custom wide width sections. 

Contour includes all bras, breastforms, hip pads, panties, nipples, and adhesives.

Shoes & Contour can be shipped
UPS Express for an additional fee. 

This service is not available for International or PO box orders.

This is a per type of item charge, so if you purchase a pair of shoes and a pair of breastforms you would need to add the charge for each item you wish expressed since they are shipping from different places.  These are actual UPS charges determined by state and price is not determined by us.  If you have two or more pair of shoes or more than one contour item then you will only need to add the charge one time for example: Your order is one contour item such as breastforms, and one pair or boots and you live in Ohio.  You would like 2 day shipping.  You would need to pay for 2 day shipping to your state twice in the quantity since the two warehouses are in different states.  If we shipped them together you would not be able to get them so quickly.   Another example would be if you ordered a pair of shoes, a pair of boots and some jewelry.  You would only have to pay for express shipping one time even though there are two pair of footwear, footwear is all housed in one warehouse.  Your jewelry will ship separate standard shipping since express is only available on footwear and contour.

Be sure you only choose one shipping option and the other options are left blank.